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The Path to Carbon Neutrality

A work in progress.

We seek to research, produce, and share a photojournalistic
case study about real social change and decentralised,
community-based solutions to the question of energy

To tell this story, we will travel to St Helena: a small and isolated
Atlantic island whose 4,000 inhabitants live alongside both their power
generation and their rich, biodiverse surroundings. This is a community
for whom clean energy is synonymous with security, self-sufficiency and
sustainability, and whose own goal of total carbon neutrality within the
next decade makes them a maquette for global movements to rebuild
community relationships with energy in their own terms.

The Team

Peter Crockett
Holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol with a focus on renewable energy and sustainable systems. Peter builds pinhole cameras from reclaimed wood and uses them to photograph communities, landscapes, and innovative attitudes to energy. 

Noa Leach

Holds a Masters in Culture & Criticism from the University of Cambridge and a BA in English from Bristol. She has experience in writing about sustainable food systems and now covers creative and community. based solutions to the climate crisis.

We are currently in the process of seeking funding to realise this project. We have have been shortlisted for the Elodie Sandford award through the Scientific Exploration Society (SES). We are incredibly excited by this opportunity and will share our progress.

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