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Here is my handmade pinhole camera, its functions and capabilities were designed and built to best suit my requirements and it has produced some fantastic results.


  • medium format (120) film.

  • Multiple image format capabilities 6 x 6 and 12 x 6.

  • A 65 mm curved focal plane to ensure consistent corner to corner brightness.

  • An externally operated hand made shutter with remote shutter release cable.

  • 0.3 mm pinhole.

  • Replaceable pinhole plate increasing potential for photographic creativity.


The camera is made from up-cycled french walnut and oak using hand woodworking tools. It has been finished with a light coat of danish oil to give it some resistance to water and weather. 

All joints have been lined with felt to ensure no light leaks. 


If you have any questions or want to collaborate please Contact me. 

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